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BrosPhoto specializes in  Wedding Photography with hundreds of weddings since 2009. We shoot all digital and our style is a mix between the contemporary, artistic and candid approaches. Although most of the photos on the website are showing our original, contemporary approach, a great part of the reception and dinner/dancing is shot candid with our long zooms and there is no staging or posing during the fun time. Lastly, we do shoot in the traditional style when it comes to the must have photos during ceremony & family session.


 Sharee is a professional photographer who loves capturing her couples in a way that is open, honest and fun!

 8 years behind the lens have taught her a lot, making her more professional and better equipped to

 photograph the complexities of big events and little moments.


Andy is a professional wedding photographer who excels under pressure and is ultimately a perfectionist

 when it comes to photography. Lover of natural light and natural shots.


Peter is the owner, photographer and the Photoshop guy behind

He is also an exclusive contributor for the commercial photography site Getty Images.

It's a privilege for us to serve Denver and all of Colorado as your Wedding Photographers

 Wedding Photography styles

There are three predominant styles in the wedding photography:

 * Traditional photography
 * Photo-journalistic photography
 * Portrait journalistic photography
We will try to explain each one of them so that you can easily choose the style that fits you best.

Traditional Photography
Traditional Photography traces its roots back to the 19th century. The photographer arranges all the shots, poses, and portraits with the couple and guests. Lots of time is spent on formals and portraits. Sessions may take up to 2 hours for all the guests. Usually photographers rely heavily on after market sales of prints and frames - they may cost you more than you spent on the photographer's fee. Often this style lacks the spontaneity of the moment.

Photo-journalistic Photography

This style started with newspaper photographers, who tend to shoot in an unobtrusive way without posing and Photoshop editing.  
The photographer just follows what happens. He will NOT arrange any photos and poses unless explicitly asked by the couple. He will capture the whole event without any disturbance and you might end up with more than 1000 shots. Be aware that some photographers will refuse to arrange any formals.

Portrait Journalistic Photography   

 This style is winning more and more aficionados. It is a blend of the previous two styles and incorporates all the good ideas that they offer. For example there are some Must have shots that every couple should have - portraits, first kiss, couple with parents, etc. Portrait journalistic photographers will try to fit all formals in half an hour,  then move on to more spontaneity and even some candid shots during the reception. We find that this style releases our potential to switch roles when needed - we shoot when things are happening and when there's a break, we use it for some beautiful portraits of the couple. This style blends the tradition of the 19th century and the modernity of the 21st century in a great way. That's why we shoot  portrait journalistic photography.

Brosphoto wedding photography serves Denver and Colorado
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